[ ] The holyspirit has led me to wage war against the spirit of delay. Refuse to be comforted by such slogans as “delay is not denial.” If the Lord wills you to get something then no principality has the authority to keep holding it for you. You are the custodian of your breakthroughs and blessings. The likes of Daniel refused to settle and persisted until another angel was sent. (Daniel 10:12-14) Mordecai faithfully sought the Lord refusing to bow down to Hamaan.It really offended Haman and He planned evil against Mordecai. At that time Mordecai reward had been delayed for a long time. But one night the king could not sleep and the books were opened. Mordecai received his reward.(Esther 6:1-3)
[ ] Refuse to be comfortable if you sense delay in your life arise and pursue your blessing.
[ ] Today let’s deal with every delay in our lives. Through persistence and prophetic declarations. May our breakthroughs and blessings manifest in Jesus name.

[ ] #Pastor Lucy Paynter


Knowledge and experience have taught me that there are many kinds of help; but there’s one I find disturbing and wicked. You see, there is a clique of self appointed, self-seeking gods and goddesses who play angels. What bemuses me about the charlatans is their addiction to self-aggrandizement. Any of their gestures of kindness is highly dilluted and neutralized by their non ending chest thumps and ostentation. Pharisaical indeed!

In their gaiety and revelling, they’ll toast upon their good deeds. Anyone caring to listen will know that they are the engine in your life; but for them, you’re a stagnating wagon, rusting away in some wild unguarded railroad. How they wish and aspire reverence. When they cough you should genuflect. Worship, you know? Contempt and domineering attitude defines them. They purport to be the light in your dark life.

But it’s not disloyalty which threatens them. They never fear that you stand about your ground – and see their delusive tactics, no! What they fear is progress. Their support is strategic; meant to facilitate stunted growth. With them there is no hope of blossoming; they jealously fight blooming flowers. They’ll readily put off any candle and feed of the wax. Their worst fear is your true identity.

Not every hand that feeds you is concerned with your healthy dietry. Some like a tree, will water you rooted in a plastic bag. Stagnating sustenance! Green you’ll be, but never an inch of height, will you rise. Maybe a non issue. What of when liberator comes calling? When the blue print of your destiny fall on your feet? They’ll feel threatened and beguil you that’s not where you belong. Raw deal, not worth trying.

I stand with you, yet step on your feet. Affixing you to the ground, denying you the prospects of take-off. I smile the most and laugh the loudest. I’m plastic. I’m fake.

Who’ll lick my boots when you see the light; when you become independent?

Truly I feel threatened my friend that I might be a crow and you a caged eagle. That’s why I offer refuge instead of loosing you!

Now you know…

They never mean well.


@Kiogothi wa


Calmness in the storms

In storms of life we cry out to God to help us. Just like the disciples cried out in the storm and Jesus was asleep in the boat. They were desperate and death seemed inevitable. But when Jesus arose he rebuked the storms and it was calm.
When Paul’s ship was tossed in the storms the people worried and they threw out their possessions awaiting the worst and filled with worry. Paul spoke with much confidence because he was calm in the midst of the storm. He assured them that the ship will be destroyed but they will not die.
Yeah, this is our God He may choose to calm the storm or choose to Calm His sons/daughters in the midst of storms.
When the storms are calmed we rejoice and testify with jubilation.
When the Lord choose to calm you it requires trusting that He knows what He is doing.
Pastor Lucy Paynter


Nobody can ever do a better job at being you than you.When I realized that I wasn’t in a competition with anyone in my life I refocused my energy and resources to become the best Me I can be.
Our potential and ability to become was installed in us from before conception. God told Jeremiah that before he was even formed in his mother’s womb He knew him and had already set him apart and appointed him to become a prophet.
My greatest desire and prayer is to be continually connected with my maker. To be fully yielded to God that He may mould me to be that which he designed me for from the beginning.
Thus I no longer waste time comparing myself to others or copying them.
We are all unique and the world is beautiful because of all our uniqueness and authenticity.

The joy of motherhood

These are my three bundles of joy. My daily motivation to become better and strive for the best.
When faced with overwhelming challenges and the possibility of giving up is the easiest route to take,one thought about them and giving up no longer remains as an option.
I thank God for He sure knew what he was doing when giving me this great opportunity to become a mother.
#Patience reminds me of the Lords faithfulness in keeping His words.No matter how long it takes He keeps his Promises and so Patiently I wait for Him.
#Precious reminds me of how Precious we are in the eyes of God. That even when all odds are stuck against us our value in Him can make Him move mountains to come deliver us. We are Precious to Him.
#Praise is a gem that reminds us to continually magnify the lord. Praise Him at all times.

○Pastor Lucy Paynter.

Harvest Time

  1. Lift Up Your Eyes (John 4:
  2. 35)
  3. See the Potential—the disciples overlooked the Samaritan woman (and people).
  4. a) Gender differences—Jewish men did not talk to women.
  5. b) Racial differences—Jews did not associate with Samaritans.
  6. c) Religious differences—Jews did not associate with infidels. They were half-breeds who got mad when Ezra returned (ch. 4). They were not allowed to participate in the rebuilding of the Temple because they could not prove their ancestry. They established a rival worship on Mt. Gerazim. A corrupted form of worship erupted. (Notice that Christ did not say that all forms of worship are valid expressions because we all worship the same God.)
  7. See the need—they were religious, see verse 20 (Eph. 2:12 [They] were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world.” But not without religion.)
  8. a) They had religion, but they did not have God.
  9. b) Israel had been very religious since the times of the Divided Kingdom. What were some of those religions? Baal worship, Molech, Chemosh, Ashtoreth and other fertility deities.
  10. Applications:
  11. Just because a person has a religion or a “church home” does not mean that they know God personally and are saved. Thought Question: How many people do you know that are members of religious organizations that are not Christian? (If you can’t think of any, shame on you.)
  12. Each of us needs to lift up our eyes and look beyond our own personal interests. “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others” (Phil. 2:4).
  13. Look beyond your own culture and comfort zone. (Illustration: This week two people won the $370 million Lottery. One man when asked how he would spend it said that he would spend the majority of it on himself. The Commentator on CNN said that instead of a case of altruism, it was a case of “me-too-ism.” We are infected with a plague of self-centered and comfortable Christianity. We want everything to come to us without any effort.
  14. The Fields Are Ripe For Harvest (v. 35)
  15. The harvest is ready to be brought in. It is plentiful. We have many people to reach.
  16. It will not come in by itself. We can’t stay in the barn expecting them to come to us. Jesus never commanded unsaved people to come to church. He said to the church, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)
  17. The harvest is no longer easy. There can be no easy gleaning without someone doing the hard work of harvesting.
  18. The Harvest time was a time of great joy every year. The people celebrated God’s blessing on their crops. A harvest of souls is also a time of great blessing.
  19. We can not stay in the barn sharpening our equipment. We have to take the seed out to t he field before we can expect to harvest, and we can’t wait until the night before harvest to go out. “He who continually goes forth weeping, Bearing seed for sowing, Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, Bringing his sheaves with him.” (Psalm 126:6)
  20. We must go out continually and not sporadically if we expect to see a sustained harvest. What do I mean? A church must have a continual outreach ministry if it expects to grow. When a church says, “We are big enough now” and rests on its accomplishments, it begins to die.

III. How Do We Harvest? (Luke 10:1-7)

Jesus set a pattern for us.

(Illustration: In the rural days of American History, people traditionally had large families. Why? So they could help with the harvest. When the use of tractors became wide spread, families decreased because it took fewer people to operate a modern farm. Everyone needs to be involved in the spiritual harvest. John 4:36)

  1. Jesus sent them out two by two.
  2. a) For protection and support.
  3. b) He sent them out in a hurry. They were not to waste time in lengthy greetings as in the case of Abraham’s servant when he found Rebekah.
  4. They were to seek a person of peace who would hear the message. (Illustration: From Pioneer Evangelism p. 77. A person of peace is one “who [is] seeking peace and God.” How do you find such a person? You say, “’I am available to lead a Bible Study, would you be interested?’ If the person says, ‘yes’ he is a person of peace. Allow them to suggest a place where they feel the Bible study should take place.” (Ibid.)
  5. They established a “home base” to operate from and not move around from house to house.
  6. They ministered and preached the kingdom.
  7. (Illustration: The JWs use this as the basis for their door to door ministry. There is nothing wrong with their method. It is their content and motivation that are not scriptural.)
  8. We need more workers (v. 2). Jesus did not tell us to pray that the harvest would come in out of the field. He told us to pray for harvesters to go out into the field.
  9. We need to pray that God would send us out into the field. All we need to pray about individually is, “Lord, What section of the field do You want me to work in today?”

Conclusion: harvesting is a time of hard work. It only follows seasons of hard work. That is why we go out weeping, but when we bring in the sheaves, we will come rejoicing. What is God saying to you today about your place in the harvest?

Rev. Lucy Paynter
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